Kayak Tour of Stallings Island

Sunday, June 04, 2023  •  10 AM - 12:30 PM
Savannah Rapids Park
This Tour starts at 10;00AM EST. Join us for guided group tour to Stallings Island!
After a quick safety instruction. we will hop in our kayaks for a quick customer introduction and start to weave in and out of the islands until getting to Stallings Island to search for the wild donkeys and goats! No one is allowed on this island but we are able to feed the animals healthy snacks from the bank. We will also make a pitstop on a small sandy island for some pictures and a quick swim for anyone who is interested. We then paddle up to the Stevens Creek Dam for an up-close look at this over 100 year old dam as the cool water mists down it. We then make our way along the dam searching for turtles and resident gar! We do have the option to paddle around the "hissing trees"; two SC cypress trees that often have snake activity. Not to worry, these snakes are very lethargic and just sunbathing. 90% of the time, they are water snakes which are non venomous. Anyone who is not interested in the "Nope Rope" sightings can hang back with one of the guides.
This tour will last roughly 2.5 hours. Guests must have a little paddle experience and be comfortable with their paddling abilities and also around water.
*RESERVATIONS REQUIRED* Call 706-840-0433 or at http://www.colewatkinstours.com/contact-us/.
Guided Tour: $50pp
Kids 12 & under: $25pp
B.Y.O.Kayak customer: $30pp
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