The Devil is a Liar

Saturday, August 06, 2022  •  2 PM - 4 PM
Jabez S. Hardin Performing Arts Center

The Devil is a Liar a hilarious comedy (Gospel Play) about the events that take place in a courtroom as outrageous characters describe their version of what happened to the Defendant Harmony Blue.

Rose Woods, Harmony’s Aunt, seeks the help of Detectives Ebony Foxx and Lucy Knight to help find evidence to set her niece free that has been charged with a crime. In the meantime, God sends an Angel to guide the detectives along the way. …

Defense Attorney Oliva Hawk has a time in court getting the correct story from these outrageous, eccentric characters: Sister Gloria Sunshine, Eva Vain Queen, and Ex- Football player Mr. Brandon Walker, and it doesn’t’ help that Prosecuting Attorney Xavier Stone has never lost a case.

Shows are at 2PM and 5PM

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